Hi, I’m Anne.

I provide a wide range of services, including website design and development, logo design and graphic design.

Working as a freelance webdesigner and graphic designer, I specialise in a large variety design services, as you can see in the list below. Based in Telford, I work mostly with clients in the Birmingham area but welcome customers from anywhere in the UK. You can expect a reliable and high quality but affordable service.

What to expect

Are you a startup company? Do you require a professional, high quality logo, business cards, and ideally a new website, but are you struggling with the costs associated with hiring an agency? I can help.

I have 4+ years of experience as a designer and have been employed by marketing and design agency for over a year. This means all my projects are delivered with the same standard of care and quality you would expect from any agency…. but for a freelance tariff. In other words: you get the best value for your money

Previous Projects

Brand Logo for Scribia

Minimal Logo Design on a patterned background, showing logo with text 'Scribia - jouw teksthulp' in dark and green text View Case Study

Mediterranean Vector Images

Illustration with design showing a window with a small balcony showing a dark green cactus View Case Study

Graphic Design greeting cards

Graphic design for valentines card in star wars theme, showing an image of BB8, the body composed of typographic elements so the text reads 'I think you are BBGr8' View Case Study

Photoshop editing – altering a bouquet

Floral arrangement of 12 red roses with green leaves between the flowers - before photoshop View Case Study

Illustration Art – Chibi Collection

Illustration featuring 3 figures, one young girl with cap, an old bearded man in suit and a figure in blue armour (shovel knight) View Case Study

Graphic design for christmas cards

Christmas card featuring presents, wreaths, baubles and pinecones on green background - graphic design concept View Case Study

Interested? Get in touch and tell me more.