Graphic design for valentines card in star wars theme, showing an image of BB8, the body composed of typographic elements so the text reads 'I think you are BBGr8'

Graphic Design greeting cards

I’m not allowed to buy cards – I have to create one for each occasion. The result? A selection of cards, suited to the interests and tastes of the person it was created for.

Christmas card featuring presents, wreaths, baubles and pinecones on green background - graphic design concept

Graphic design for christmas cards

Each year around Christmas time, I set myself the challenge to send out bespoke Christmas card designs. This case study shares a range of cards from 2014 to 2019, a selection of personal favourites.

Photograph showing a lady with dark hair sweeping in front of her face - before retouching

Retouching in photoshop

While working on an email campaign and selecting imagery, one of the images needed to be altered. This case study covers the retouching the photograph to remove hair.

Floral arrangement of 12 red roses with green leaves between the flowers - before photoshop

Photoshop editing – altering a bouquet

During a busy peak period for Valentine’s Day, one of the bouquets my company was selling needed to be altered. I used Photoshop to change the appearance of the product shot.

Photograph of a bouquet of red roses laid out on paper - before photo manipulation

Image editing a bouquet with roses

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, one bouquet showed one rose too many. This case study runs through the process of removing the unwanted flower from the arrangement, using photoshop.

Illustration featuring 3 figures, one young girl with cap, an old bearded man in suit and a figure in blue armour (shovel knight)

Illustration Art – Chibi Collection

The chibi cartoons can range from realistic (looking exactly like you do) to a fantasy style design that reflects your favourite video game character or D&D persona.

Illustration with design showing a window with a small balcony showing a dark green cactus

Mediterranean Vector Images

A client commissioned me to create a variety of warm, minimalist illustrations to place on her wall. I created a colour palette and used unique patterns in each design.

Bridge Street Violins Logo Design

Company logo for Bridge street violins

Bridge Street Violins is a small start up company that specialises in the repair of violins and other string instruments. They approached me to create their first brand.

Minimal Logo Design on a patterned background, showing logo with text 'Scribia - jouw teksthulp' in dark and green text

Brand Logo for Scribia

Scribia is a small dutch startup that specialises in text corrections, text review and copywriting. They asked me to create their first brand as well as their business cards.