Brand Logo for Scribia

Minimal Logo Design on a patterned background, showing logo with text 'Scribia - jouw teksthulp' in dark and green text


Scribia… jouw teksthulp is a dutch startup company. The name is referring to the latin word ‘scriba’ (a scribe or clerk) but is also shorthand for : ‘Schrijven, Corrigeren, Redigeren, Ik Ben In Alles… Jouw Teksthulp’. In English, this translates to: ‘writing, corrections, editing, I am your text assistant for everything.’

As the name suggests, Scribia specialises in everything pertaining language. They offer copy writing services as well as review and editing of existing content. A brand new company, they have started with interviews and reviews for magazines, as well as online blog articles.


The Challenge

Scribia approached me with a simple request: they needed a brand logo. They had won their first customer and were looking to make the business official. To launch their new venture, they needed branding and merchandise, such as business cards. The new step was a new website.

Our collaboration started with a briefing meeting. I spoke with them about their target audience, their first customer and the type of customers they were looking to attract. Scribia is mostly a B2B company, hoping to work with medium to large companies with a professional mindset. Their future logo had to look professional, but also approachable and friendly. Scribia is reliable and to the point, based on real human interactions, which is something that had to show through in the style we went for.



Based on the information I was given, I created 3 different concepts. Each used different colours, fonts and a different tone, while remaining true to the original brief. The logo that was selected by the client was the most minimalist and simple but also playful. The owner of Scribia, Helma, has a background in public education. She found the logo somewhat recognisable and familiar, as it mimics the tone used within school textbooks. Her response was that the logo looks very friendly due to the font used, but comes across as professional still due to the minimal style.

During the presentation of the final logo concepts, I used a business card mock-up to illustrate how the brand could be applied. Helma was so pleased with this mock-up she commissioned business cards as well, kick starting her new business with both a brand logo and her first presentation asset.

Visit the Scribia website