Graphic design for christmas cards

Christmas card featuring presents, wreaths, baubles and pinecones on green background - graphic design concept


Like many designers, I find it difficult to contain my creativity to working hours exclusively. I have a tendency to create many ‘side-projects’ I look after in my spare time, to keep the creative juices flowing. Although my professional career has focused largely on web design and development, email design and branding, I still practise graphic design outside of these realms.


The Challenge

Each year around Christmas time, I set myself the challenge to send out bespoke Christmas card designs. This is both to show my loved ones I care and to grow my skills in graphic design and illustration. The cards follow one important rule: I am not allowed to use purchased or sourced illustrations, or unaltered photographs. This means each of these cards use assets that were created in Illustrator or Photoshop from scratch.

I run through a careful process for each of these cards. Research and inspiration helps me to determine the style I would like to go for. I select a colour palette and define the fonts, then set to work creating all assets. Finally, I rely on Adobe Indesign to bring the total design together and create a unique Christmas card.



The cards shown here range from 2014 to 2019.  These are my personal favourites. Not only do they look good, they also show a wide variety of methods and styles used. The top and bottom cards are a product of time spend in illustrator. They use carefully crafted illustrations with a warm colour palette. The white card is of a handmade nature, using pieces of broken vinyl to create the snowflake. The pieces were scanned in and placed into a shape in photoshop, which gives it a mosiac effect. Finally, the second card from the top uses a combination of texture and illustration to give it a modern looking design.