Company logo for Bridge street violins

Bridge Street Violins Logo Design


Bridge Street Violins is a UK startup company that specialises in violin repairs. Started in 2019 by a single owner, it is a small but dedicated company. Each repair is carried out manually with great care.

The Challenge

Laurens, owner of Bridge Street Violins, approached me to help him establish a logo for his company. He had acquired his first clients and wanted to create an online presence for his company. To do so, he needed a company logo that fit his business and appealed to his target audience.

We kicked off this project with a meeting to establish his audience as well as his personal vision for the brand. His current clientele consisted of parents of school children. However,¬† he is hoping to appeal to a demographic of professional musicians in the future. The logo needed to work for both his current clients as well as his ideal future client. For this reason, I aimed for a ‘neutral’ look that looked professional. As all work is carried out by Laurens personally, I decided to go for a look that feels authentic and handmade.

Laurens had a personal vision for the company logo: he was hoping to use a certain piece of the violin that is displayed at the top of the violin. You can review this reference in the attached image. The shape of the element reminded him of a bridge, fitting well with the name of the logo.



I went to work replicating the piece of the violin anatomy in a simplified, vector format that could work within a logo. I presented 3 different concepts, each using a different look and feel. Laurens selected a blend between the text and style of one logo, combined with the layout of another – as shown in the attached imagery. After refinements and amendments, the final company logo was ready to be launched.

Bridge Street Violins is currently doing well. Their established brand helps them to become more recognisable and grow their followers.


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