Graphic Design greeting cards

Graphic design for valentines card in star wars theme, showing an image of BB8, the body composed of typographic elements so the text reads 'I think you are BBGr8'


Like many designers, I find it difficult to contain my creativity to working hours exclusively. Because of this, I have a tendency to create many ‘side-projects’ I look after in my spare time. Although my professional career has focused largely on web design and development, email design and branding, I still practise graphic design outside of these realms. All of these projects are added to my graphic design portfolio.


The Challenge

I like to set myself rules to create challenges. One of those rules is simple: I’m not allowed to buy cards. Birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s, the time doesn’t matter, if I want to send a card I have to create one. The result? Highly personal and totally unique gift cards for every occasion.

Each card requires significant time and effort. For instance, each colour palette and font is carefully selected to suit the theme of the card. In addition, important assets, such as the BB8, Porg and Game Boy illustrations, are created from scratch. Other cards use stock bought patterns in combination with handmade illustrations, or altered illustrations, to ensure no card looks like a direct copy of stock imagery. Where suitable, a combination of textures and illustrations is used to create a totally unique look and feel.



The final result is a selection of cards, suited to the interests and tastes of the person it was created for. Two of these Valentine’s cards were created for my Star Wars loving partner, so they are suitably geeky. As you can probably guess, my partner was also the recipient of the game boy birthday card. The red birthday card is more masculine in appearance, as it went out to a male friend. The card also sticks with his favourite colour, red.

The Easter card went out to a larger audience and is more neutral in appearance, sticking close to the traditional imagery you can expect for Easter. Similarly, the same is true for the third Valentine’s card, published on Redbubble to sell to any pun-loving Valentine.

The cards form a fundamental part of my graphic design portfolio – they add the unique look and feelĀ  that isn’t often found in B2B projects.