Illustration Art – Chibi Collection

Illustration featuring 3 figures, one young girl with cap, an old bearded man in suit and a figure in blue armour (shovel knight)


The Chibi collection is a marriage between my hobbies, such as minecraft and pathfinder, as well as my passion for illustration art and design. Originally started as a fun project between me and my online community, this has quickly expanded into a new product. The ‘chibi’ is a unique illustration art style that gives a ‘cute’ look to each character. Each chibi has large eyes and a large head, a neutral body shape and a minimal look, combined with a select few details. Every chibi is unique and tailored to the person (or creature) they are representing.

The inspiration for the chibi’s shown came from a variety of sources. For instance, I illustrated my own friends and acquaintances as well as to personas used in Minecraft.

Each chibi is based on references. For example: a picture, a minecraft skin, a screenshot of a video game, or a detailled description. Once I have these references, I use adobe illustrator to make a chibi that reflects the reference in every aspect.


The Collection

This post features a selection of 6 different images out of a range of 20+ different characters. While the full collection contains too many images to show in one post, I would love to share more with you. Simply let me know the style you would like to go for. I will share references with you so you can review images that suit your preference.

As you can see in the examples shown, the chibi cartoons can range from realistic (looking exactly like you do) to a fantasy style design that reflects your favourite video game character, D&D persona or even your imaginary friend. The sky is the limit! You can commission an image to put on the wall or use on your instagram, or use a chibi in a specific context, such as a birthday card, t shirt or notebook.

Interested? Simply get in touch and tell me more.


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