Mediterranean Vector Images

Illustration with design showing a window with a small balcony showing a dark green cactus

The Challenge

These vector images were created as a commission for a client. She had seen pieces of art she loved, that would have been above her budget due to import costs. She approached me with the request to create something similar. I had to work carefully in these circumstances, and decided to create artwork that was inspired by, but not a direct copy of the original art piece. The new work had to show a similar energy and warmth, but be reflective of my individual style and way of working.  For this project, I created 3 works that can be displayed individually or be used together as a harmony.



I started the project by creating a colour palette. The original works used very warm colour palettes and were Mediterranean in style, using yellow, red and brown. I decided to use a mix of different yellows, orange, red, brown and green to keep the same warm undertones. The variety was slightly larger, as I was hoping to use shadows and variations within the designs.

The look I was going for was a combination of simple, minimalist colours and textures, combined with colourful patterns. I aimed to use at least two or more patterns in each design to provide variety. Each element contrasts with the details directly around it, such as plants with the pots and background. Due to the simplicity in the colour palette, all elements combined work well together and create warm, decorative vector images.

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