Do you need an illustration design of a product you haven’t created yet? Can’t find the icons you are looking for on istock? Do you want to give a gift for someone with specific interests and do you need a picture of a bunny that looks like deadpool? Customised illustration designs will be the perfect solution for you.

I can provide a wide range of options, from iconography and business appropriate visuals, to bespoke Valentine’s and Christmas cards. Below you can find examples of illustrations to highlight the range of styles available. A popular option is the ‘chibi’ – a minimal but adorable user picture tailored to one person or character. The chibi illustration design of your choice can be realistic – for instance, to visualise you and your colleagues – or based around fantasy characters in D&D or minecraft. Did you know the chibi option is now also available as a card or poster, so you can send your beloved one a Valentine’s that’s truly unique?

A few examples of bespoke chibi illustration designs – click to zoom in.

Image of a yellow pokemon with tail and pointy ears, on neutral purple background
Cute looking illustration on neutral background showing a girl with red hair dressed as a pirate
Cute image of iron man with a pig's face, minimal style with neutral light blue background
Minimal illustration of a man in a large black cloak with purple edges - displayed with and without a simple skull mask

How to place a request for your illustration design:

  • Get in touch via phone or email, so I can gather all the details I need
  • Once I know what your requirements for your artwork are, I will be able to share the cost with you. This is relevant if you require bespoke artwork – certain items like chibis, full chibi designs or iconography have a set price as shown in the sidebar.
  • Are you requesting an illustration or other likeness of a person or item? I will ask you to supply me with references, such as pictures or existing artwork. If these are not available, a detailed description will be sufficient. Keep in mind that the more references and information you can give, the more fitting the final image will be.
  • Are you requesting a more decorative illustration that doesn’t reference specific items or people? Please share your personal preferences. Do you have any favourite colours, or is there other artwork you like and admire?
  • I will reference this information when creating the design. You will have an opportunity to give your feedback and request changes. Once you are happy with the product, you will receive the final product and final payment will be requested.