Did you just start a new business and do you need a logo design to give your company a visual identity? Or do you have a logo that doesn’t quite suit who you are any more? Don’t worry – I can help.

Determining your visual identity can be an exciting but difficult process. A logo represents your business, so it is vital to understand what your company stands for and who you are looking to attract. I endeavour to get to know each client well and learn what makes them tick. Once a full picture of your company is formed, I can translate this into a logo design that reflects every aspect.


Scribia Logo Design: initial concepts and refinements

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Three Logo concepts
2 logo design concepts with the text 'scribia - jouw teksthulp' in dark and green text


Logo design services: what to expect

A logo design project revolves around more than just the final logo. We will go through a careful process to ensure you are happy and confident every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect:

  • You will receive weekly emails or phone calls (based on your preference) to update you on my progress, so you know exactly when to expect each visual. Exciting!
  • At the start of the project, you will receive moodboards. These are examples of 2 or 3 visual directions for your brand. You will receive and review these, and you get the final say in the direction you would like to pursue.
  • Once the visual direction is decided, you receive a pdf with 2 to 4 different concepts (see pricing structure). Each concept is tailored to your needs and your audience, but will be unique in style and appearance. Again, you will be able to select the concept(s) you like best – your voice matters!
  • Your final concept will be amended and tweeked as suitable based on your personal feedback. These will include visual examples of the brand application, so you will be able to make an informed decision.
  • Once your final logo has been chosen, you will be able to apply this to any medium. A logo implementation style guide can be included upon request, to ensure your brand will be applied correctly across all your promotional materials.