How photo manipulation can help the needs of your company


Let me share with you a scenario from my previous employer, a famous flower company. We were in the week before Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest times of the year for the business. One of the products that was doing well was ‘a dozen red roses’. Like all other bouquets from the range, a photography shoot had taken place weeks before to prepare for the peak periods. The images had been optimised and placed on the website. The roses were selling well, but one of the employees had discovered an unfortunate mistake: the picture of the ‘dozen’ red roses was in fact showing 15 flowers.

Valentine’s peak was in full swing and due to the pressing timing, there was no time to arrange a new photoshoot. So a different solution was used: we used photo manipulation to take out one rose and replaced the images on the site. The final image looked so natural many people struggled to recognise which was ‘real’ and which had been manipulated. Why don’t you click on it and see for yourself?


A few days later, a similar problem occured. Another popular red rose bouquet was running into issues with the supply. While the roses were still available, the decorative leaves that accompanied them were going out of stock. The leaves were taken out, but were still showing in the product shots that were advertised on the site. Once again, photoshop came to the rescue: through clever manipulation, the image was revised. The final result looked natural and convincing and could be used to sell the alternative bouquet.

Before photo manipulation – click the image to reveal the altered image

These are simply two examples of the use of photoshop. Although many people think of ‘beauty’ manipulation when they hear the term, the true usage is wide and varied and does not have to reflect badly on those who chose to use it. There are many reasons to opt for photo manipulation: a photo shoot can be too expensive, take too long to arrange, or simply require models and resources you do not have. If all or any of these reasons apply, I will be able to help you with all your image needs. Below you can see a few examples of the manipulation that is possible through photoshop and read more about the cases shared on this page.

Interested? Let me know your specific requirements and I will be able to provide you with a quote and a timeline. When in doubt, please ask – you might be surprised what can be achieved!